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"I had the greatest service here from beginning to end. More people need to refill their prescriptions here. It's been a nightmare going through CVS, Kaiser, Walgreens, and Walmart. At Parkside, I submitted my subscription, and they had it ready the next day. Everyone here was extremely friendly, helpful, and led with love. I can tell the leaders of this facility treat their employees really well. Thank you for your service, Parkside."

- Fermen S.

"A great local pharmacy. I use Parkside for medicine for my cat. They compound at their location and don’t seem to have the same supply chain issues as my vet’s office. Refills are simple— a call to an automated phone system and delivery to my door. When I have gone to the location it is really a great store. More like a warm and unique gifting shop for wellness than a cold clinical pharmacy. I can’t recommend them enough."

- D.A.

"I cannot say enough great things about this pharmacy and its owner, John. Whenever there have been issues with the pharmacy receiving prescriptions from my doctor, the staff at Parkside have helped me resolve the issue by contacting my doctor's office or explaining the problem to me. Other pharmacies would have simply turned me away or told me to figure out things with my doctor on my own. Whenever the pharmacy is out of a prescription drug, they have always been able to obtain the drug I need within 24 hours. In situations where they are out of a drug that I need, they are always happy to offer me a partial refill until they receive an additional supply of the medication--almost always within 24 hours. And when my schedule does not allow me to make multiple trips to the pharmacy, they are more than willing to deliver my prescription to my home. The pharmacy is a family run business, and they provide impeccable service at a very competitive price. My experience at Parkside Pharmacy has been so much better than what I have experienced at big name pharmacies and I often save money by filling my prescriptions at Parkside. I cannot recommend Parkside Pharmacy enough. I am so thankful for the great services they provide."

- John P.

"Never disappointed and excellent service . I call in refills for my dog’s compound Rx and have my son pick them up. An extra bonus is when I am able to go there myself. I Love the place! It is perfect for shopping and browsing for gifts. It reminds me of the neighborhood places I went to in my childhood. Great smiles and help from the security “gentleman” at the door, to the employees inside!"

- Patricia H.

"We have been customers of Parkside Pharmacy for over 5 years, and they are simply the best! It's a family-owned business, and the owner is actually there, greets me by name, and is super helpful always with a smile. The staff are top notch. We use both the compounding service and the regular service: the turn around time is fast and reliable. I really feel cared for by everyone there. Oh, did I mention that they also have a fantastic gift shop? I would recommend Parkside Pharmacy to anyone!"

- Tracy W.

"I have been using Parkside Pharmacy for over 10 years. They provide excellent professional service. They are always attentive, thorough and helpful. I also enjoy the boutique. I buy most all of my greeting cards there and many gifts. I love having them as my pharmacy!"

- Vicki B.

"Parkside Pharmacy is the place to go for all your prescription and boutique needs. They have many different choices in fine quality lotions, soaps, candles and so much more. I enjoy looking through the books. I’ve come across very funny books over the years. The Pharmacy staff are personable. Don’t be surprised if you are addressed by your first name."

- Stacie P.

"Pill medications for my Chihuahua were created in liquid form by Parkside. I was having difficulty getting her to take pills. I hated shoving them down her throat. And she'd cough them back up. The liquid administered by syringe has been less trauma for us both. I so appreciate this pharmacy for helping us so much!"

- Rita E.

"I love this pharmacy because it is more than just a place you pick up prescriptions. They do a wonderful job filling prescriptions in a timely manner and contacting me when it’s ready. The gift shop is fabulous. If you can get out of there without buying something, you are just not a shopper."

- Elizabeth D.

"I have all my prescriptions here, including my cat's that has to be compounded. Conveniently located and friendly staff. I only ever had one minor inconvenience with a refill, but it got resolved and no big deal. Love the spa and gift shop side of the business as well!"

- Amiee H.