Quality Assurance

Highest Quality Of Safety And Integrity Available

Parkside Pharmacy compounds custom-tailored medications of the highest quality, safety, and integrity available in the industry–our accreditation status with PCAB (Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board) is proof. PCAB accreditation certifies Parkside for adherence to the most stringent standards in the nation for chemical sourcing, process improvement, and personnel validation. As a pharmacy, we have undergone a thorough evaluation and continue to undergo random audits and inspections to ensure we meet and exceed PCAB’s high standards for excellence.

...We Guarantee It!

Parkside guarantees quality in every preparation we make. If a compound does not meet your expectations, we will fix or re-make the preparation at no additional cost until we exceed your expectations. This promise is for all patients, prescribers, and clients; we want you to have peace of mind knowing you are receiving the industry’s best in compounding. We guarantee our commitment to excellence, and it is only with your support that all of us at Parkside Pharmacy can continue to improve how we serve the community.